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Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Spartan Race South Africa

It is always exciting when there is a new OCR event held to take part in. Each race has its own “personality” to be remembered by… and the Spartan Race is internationally known to be everything BUT “mellow”. It did

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – OCRWC

How will an obstacle race ever be an obstacle race with less than ONE HUNDRED obstacles!? I had the opportunity to take part in the 2018 OCR World Championships, this time held in the UK. The atmosphere, the excitement and

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – The Beast #16

The past weekend I took part in the Burpee chal…I mean The Beast challenge!! ;P New venue with some new surprises waiting… Heavy carries, long and short. The biggest surprise was the burpees we got to do as a reward

Nevarest takes on multiple events at multiple locations and gets multiple podiums

When you have the talent that we have, getting all your athletes to one event simply isn’t good enough. This weekend saw multiple races, in numerous different disciplines, happen all over the country, with the Nevarest Team showing up to

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Beast #15

The Beast # 15   It felt like it had been such a long time since I did an OCR race, it was great to be back! The Beast still has an impressive amount of obstacles spread out across the

Race report: Michelle Meyer – Beast #14

The Beast #14 started with a mad dash to the first obstacle…which was about 50m from the start! Three lanes with x10 the number of athletes who want to go through it. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Warrior #2

What a fantastic effort from The Warrior Race in managing to redesign a whole race due to the weather messing up their original course. It was unfortunate that the biggest obstacle of the black-ops race, Breaking Point, was on the

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – #Warrior8

Black Ops Elite, Individual Sprint and Team Sprint race ALL in one day… thank goodness for adrenaline!? Standing at the start of the last 2017 Warrior Race it was something to appreciate… This massive group of people, from all over

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