The Nevarest Team is now over a decade old! From humble beginnings to a beast team that has started to make its mark on the Adventure Racing sphere in South Africa, we, like our names, never stop pushing the boundaries of what we can do.

The Nevarest Team started out as a family initiative way back in 2005. Alec Avierinos and his kids formed the team, which grew into a proper amateur team by 2010. The Nevarest Team’s focus has always been Adventure Racing (AR); anything with a thrill that can be done competitively, of course! From mountain biking to canoeing, to trail running, to obstacle course racing (OCR) and multi-sport events, we love to push ourselves in a multitude of ways.

Nevarest Team produces top performing athletes sustainably. We make it possible through a unique combination of key ingredients, ROI to Sponsors, talented Athletes, IT systems integration, broad participation in a variety of events, Exceptional results, Brand exposure and awareness and Record breaking achievements.
This enabling environment enables South African Athletes to perform Nationally and Internationally


  • To identify and sponsor SOUTH AFRICA’S TOP Multi-Sport ATHLETES – We have developed a mechanism to track and rank our athletes, offering varying degrees of sponsorship and support based on performance and value to the team.
  • Nevarest Team enables ATHLETES by providing them with ACCESS TO FUNDING, INFRASTRUCTURE, products and services as well as commission earning opportunities based sales.
  • Nevarest Team supports its athletes who are selected and qualify to compete internationally. This allows them to gain invaluable international experience.
  • Nevarest is currently the top performing multi-sport Team and our aim is to become the top Global multi-sport team and to expand Nevarest internationally.

Our motto: “Good, Better, Best let us NEVAREST until our Good is Better and our Better Best”

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