The Nevarest Team offers a fairly unique direct ROI sales model to sponsors, ensuring they stay happy and committed.



KeyHealth Medical Scheme envisions a healthier South Africa. They contribute providing healthcare that is easy to understand for everyone, covers everything, and is affordable. This is reflected in their motto: “Keep it smart; keep it simple.” KeyHealth sponsors races around South Africa in an initiative to encourage South Africans to be healthier and more active. KeyHealth provides free ER treatment for all members as well as having a medical team available at sponsored races.



The cars who love adventure as much as the Nevarest Team are the perfect wheels for the journeys we want to go on! TOYOTA allows us to explore, roam, and dominate with the iconic and hardy vehicles that they provide for the team.

FIRST ASCENT, South Africa’s premier outdoor apparel manufacturer will be the team’s official apparel sponsor. First Ascent has a long and proud history of supplying top quality outdoor gear. This will allow the Nevarest Team to participate in the most appropriate gear both nationally and internationally.



INOV-8 is an all-terrain footwear brand whose passion is quality shoes that don’t hold the wearer back from an adventure, but help the adventurer climb ropes faster, run better, and jump higher. INOV-8’s mottos is: “The athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products.” This motto is reflected in their versatile designs and products, and, our favourite part: their shoes are not only functional but trendy too, with neon colours that stand out in any environment. Make a statement with INOV-8!



GT Radial’s roots go back over 60 years, consistently focusing on top quality production, performance, and safety. While the brand has certainly developed greatly throughout the years, the passion and desire to provide consumers top quality tires remain unchanged.



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