Race Report: Michelle Meyer – OCRWC

How will an obstacle race ever be an obstacle race with less than ONE HUNDRED obstacles!?

I had the opportunity to take part in the 2018 OCR World Championships, this time held in the UK. The atmosphere, the excitement and the pure joy that comes with attending the event was the same as before, but this time a completely different type of race waiting for us on the course than the ones that came before.

Reflecting back and thinking that it was such a big jump from 30 obstacles in The Warrior Race to 60-something obstacles at World Champs the first time… This year they rounded it up to 100 obstacles spread out over 15km. Now that is what I call an obstacle race!

The weekend kicked off with the Short course 3km race, 24 obstacles and a very high pace of racing. Athletes were sent off in waves, which means when you are out on the course you are racing yourself – not sure if you are chasing someone’s time in front of you or trying to keep someone from catching up to your finishing time. I love this aspect of the short course, you only get to focus on doing your best, getting through each obstacle as quickly and efficiently as possible … and of course getting to the finish line as fast as possible. After that, it is a waiting game to see who managed to complete the course with their band intact and where you placed. This year I placed 6th (20-29 age category) happy with my result, but always leaving a little fire inside burning to get to do it again!

With the weekend only getting started, Saturday was the big one. Compared to the Ohio and Canada courses, this was the flattest terrain yet – but also probably the muddiest! It was hard to keep up with the leading pack, but I had noticed that I would make up time through the obstacles, even though they would pass me again on the running sections… Luckily there were a lot of obstacles!

We played leap-frog for most of the beginning of the race, until we got to the Stairway to heaven. This obstacle has taken a few bands in the past and still slowed a lot of the competitors down on the course. Here I could no longer keep track of who I was competing against and I had just gone on to try and finish the course as quickly as possible. The abundance of obstacles definitely took its toll on my body, no matter how much you love the obstacle part of the race.

Getting to the more technical obstacles was the best part, not only because it meant that the end was getting closer, but because they are so much fun. Having obstacles on the course from races all around the world is one of the great things that the OCR World Champs team manages to do every year.

I finished in 5th place 25-29 age group, very satisfied with the beautiful medals and 100% completion band still on my arm.

The weekend had come to an end with the Team event on the Sunday. It is split into three parts: Speed, Strength and Technical – each team member doing their part and then finishing three obstacles together before crossing the finish line. I raced with my Nevarest Team members Alec and Dylan in the co-ed division. Dylan kicked it off with the speed section, Alec doing the carries on the strength and myself going through the rigs before meeting up with them again to finish the race together. We gave it our all and finished with our bands and smiles on our faces!

Thank you for making for a fun team event Alec and Dylan!

Thank you for all the support and congratulations from home and the side-lines – I appreciate it!! A massive congratulations to all of the South Africans who took part and did incredibly well over the weekend!

Ps. A big album of all the fun and all the fun leading up to the race weekend is still to come…!

(Stay tuned, if you got this far XD)

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