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Tugela A1 Adventure Race hosted by Cyanosis – A win for Team KeyHealth Nevarest

By Malcolm Dunkeld This was the final race of the A1 series with Jabberwock and Nevarest competing for second place in the A1 series as Merrel already accumulated enough points to give them the win in the series with the

Race Report: Jonathan Ham – A1 Gariep Dam

My 31 hour study break The Gariep Dam A1 adventure race was one which I had been looking forward to for quite some time. In fact, since our previous race in Swaziland I was anxious to get a chance to

Race Report: Jonathan Ham – Kinetic adventure sprint race

Another fantastic race hosted by Kinetic events Africa, to make such a short race feel like a great adventure really is an awesome achievement. We had some fast cross-country running to start off with but a rhino and her calf

Race Report: Ruth, Calen, Antonie, Jonathan – Kinetic Full Moon #3- Drakensberg

Keyhealth Nevarest Junior- Antonie Joubert, Calen Hastie, Ruth Avierinos, Jonathan Ham The third and final Full moon adventure race was held on the 27-28th October at the Qwantani resort, bordering the beautiful Sterkfontein dam. With clear waters, open skies and

Race Report: Alex Ham – WCAD Robertson A1 Race Report

The 4th race in the Adventure 1 Series took place from the 15-16 September at Silwerstrand Caravan Park in the beautiful Robertson Valley. Alex Ham shares his insights about the race, challenges on route and personal thoughts about competing in

Race Report: Jonathan Ham – WCAD 24hr [A1 Series]

Team members: Michael Joubert, Yolande Speedy, Alexander Ham, Jonathan Ham Finishing position: 5th Time: 21 hours, 11 minutes What a race! As always with adventure racing I’m left feeling extremely grateful to be able to experience nature and it’s beauty

Nevarest takes on multiple events at multiple locations and gets multiple podiums

When you have the talent that we have, getting all your athletes to one event simply isn’t good enough. This weekend saw multiple races, in numerous different disciplines, happen all over the country, with the Nevarest Team showing up to

RACE HIGHLIGHTS – KeyHealth Nevarest

Team Members Alec Avierinos Jonathan Ham Calen Hastie Nicolene Wessels The A1 Adventure Series South Africa provides an opportunity for new races and race directors to challenge athletes at various race venues across South Africa. KeyHealth Nevarest entered the KeyHealth Nevarest

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