Race Report: Michelle Meyer – #Warrior8

Black Ops Elite, Individual Sprint and Team Sprint race ALL in one day… thank goodness for adrenaline!?

Standing at the start of the last 2017 Warrior Race it was something to appreciate… This massive group of people, from all over and everyone so different to the next, all excited for this one crazy thing we all love! #WeAreOCR
Thank you WarriorRic for involving every athlete and spectator, there is nothing like a build-up from The Man himself!

The Black-ops course was tough. Going into this, I just wanted to “keep-up” and not “catch-up”! That was hard though.. I was able to keep a handful of girls in my view for most of the race, but the leading pack was long gone…! Trish… wow – what obstacles!? 😯 Not even to mention how the men smashed this… Congrats to all the podium finishers, and finishers..period!

I reached the hanging ropes, close to the end, where a few girls were held up. I could see another familiar face or two looking ahead at the net obstacle and breaking point.
My grip was properly put to the test. There is just this brutality that a rope and net has to your grip. Having to start breaking point, I thought I was going to fail right away but luckily I managed to get it – I think if I didn’t get to watch some of the girls get through it, I might have waited longer for my forearm pump to let down (…I might have still been waiting…) Goeie werk girls!

After finishing the black ops, I didn’t know where I was going to find the leg-power to do the sprint races. Luckily the moment we line up, that OCR spark just lights up something inside! I have so much fun racing in the sprint, it is so exhilarating watching how quickly the men fly through the course, but even more so when I get to go toe-to-toe with the fastest girls in SA OCR!
Dominique, once again, #andstill the sprint queen! No room for error, no time for rest! I have tons of fun trying to get to that finish line fast enough, you truly are amazing and so humble throughout your ‘domination’ 😁
Well done to every athlete who took this weekend on.🤩 Everyone is stepping it up and it is also amazing to watch the female competitors grow…!


And then… The team event! What-a-Team I get to be part of – Jaco, Greg… you guys are YSTERS! 😜
Everyone put on such a fight to the end with an incredibly close finish… I am so happy I got to be part of that…!😱

I walk away with some sore muscles and a few bruises which will soon fade, but memories and moments I will never forget!
Thank you SA OCR for an amazing year of obstacle course racing! I am so privileged to be able to take part in these events – and with that, thank you KeyHealth Nevarest Team and all of our sponsors for the opportunities and support throughout the year!
KeyHealth Medical SchemeToyota SAinov-8 South Africa

..Last but definitely not the least, thank you to my family for the support and love! I am super proud of Marlé for getting another podium for u/16 Rookie race and my two big brothers for also showing up and getting it done!

#OCR #grateful #proud #teamnevarest #saocr 

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