Nevarest Challenge 2018


Set in the unique Pilgrim’s Rest, Mpumalanga area this course will involve Mountain Biking, Trail Running/Hiking, Paddling, Caving & Kloofing/Canyoning and will take you through some amazing historic sites offering you a fascinating window into the past.

Exploring this early gold mining town and its surrounding panorama as if you were one of the settlers is bound to be an experience never to be forgotten!! This area is filled with unexplored gems and is only 4 hours outside of Pretoria and 1.5 hours outside of Nelspruit.



The race will start from the Gold Panning grounds in Pilgrims Rest. Camping will be available the Friday night with race registration starting at 5pm and race briefing starting at 8pm.

The race will start at 7am on the 13th with winning teams expected to take 18-20hr to finish the event.

Prize giving will be at 10am on the 14th with the race cut off at 7am.


“Adventure racing is the ultimate race of human endurance. Teams of four athletes race non-stop, day and night, through courses up to 800km in length. Each course is a unique journey, including legs of mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, caving and rope work. Teams must navigate using map and compass through remote wilderness checkpoints.

The nature of adventure racing means that it occurs throughout the year, in nearly all conditions.

They battle not only other teams but extreme fatigue, sleep deprivation and unpredictable weather. If one team member quits, the entire team is unclassified. Often just reaching the finish line is a victory.” – AR World Series

Our race will consist of different legs which will all have various control points (CP’s) along the route that teams need to collect, the route between CP’s are at the team’s discretion and will be self-navigated with the use of Topographic and other maps. Between each leg teams will arrive at the Transition points (T1-T6) where there will be basic support and security and teams will change disciplines and leave on the next leg. The race is expected to take the leaders around 18-20hrs to complete, with the race cutoff time being 24hrs and the teams covering distances on the MTB, foot and kayaks.


You can enter your team either as a team of 4 or as a pair. The official category for adventure racing is a 4 person mixed team with at least 1 member of the opposite gender.

We will accept all the different combinations but only the official category is eligible for prizes.

Entry Fee:
R1250 per person
R500 boat rental if required (per boat) – Not needed if you have your own plastic sit on top.

Request a quote and get your 30% discount.


Event Sponsors

A1 Series

The stakes are high thanks to our series sponsor KeyHealth Medical Scheme and A1’s partner 100%PureRacing, the creators of GODZone.

*Series Prizes – Mixed 4 Person Teams
1st – R 20,000 plus GODZone entry 
2nd – R 10,000
3rd – R 5,000 
Youth winners (under 110 years combined age) – R 8,000

* Race Prizes – Mixed 4 Person teams
1st – R 8,000 
2nd – R 4,000 
3rd – R 2,000

Adventure 1, the premier National Adventure Racing Series, is held in multiple countries and combines flagship adventure races to create a highly competitive series attracting the world’s best endurance athletes, ultimately crowning National Adventure Racing Team Champions.

All A1 National Series offer races and pathways into adventure racing for first timers (newbies), because we are equally passionate about developing the sport as we are about showcasing just how awesome adventure racing is.

Best 3 of 5 race results count for the series | Use up to 7 team members for the series | Race cut off times from 24hr to 36hr | All races tracked live at www.purelivetracking.com

Can you win the A1 SA Series and be crowned South Africa’s National Adventure Racing Champs?  Want to get into Adventure Racing? Time to get involved!

If you require any further information on COVID-19, visit the sacoronavirus.co.za