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Race Report: Jacques Buys – Salomon Magaliesberg Challenge

Probably the most underrated mountain range in SA, whilst also being one of the oldest mountains in the world, the Magaliesberg was set to provide an extreme challenge for trail runners in the Salomon Magaliesberg Challenge. I opted for the

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Num Num Trail

The Num-Num Trail Challenge I have secretly been waiting the whole year for the weekend of 27th July, Num-Num trail weekend. Had a score to settle with this race as last year caught be completely off guard and I completely

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Nevarest 24 hour

A1 Nevarest 24hr Adventure Race Quite an eventful weekend at the third adventure race of the A1 series, hosted by Nevarest. Not only because of the racing and challenging route but also proceedings before the race even started.  The A1

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Kruger2Canyon Challenge

It was a last minute decision to do Kruger2Canyon Challenge. I admittedly didn’t know anything about the race when a friend suggested it. Doing a bit of research and seeing the race takes place at the Blyde River Canyon, it

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Rooiberg FRESHtive stage race

Rooiberg situated 50km west of Bela-Bela played host to the Freshtive ultra and stage trailrun. Day 1 set off with the 44km race starting in the center of town with about a 3km neutral zone regulated by a donkey cart

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Expedition Africa Swazi

Seeing the race legs description of Expedition Africa Swaziland, I was convinced that the organizers made a mistake with the elevation gains of each leg or that they probably measured it in feet not meters. Driving to Bulembu Lodge, playing

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Ultra-Trail Drakensberg: Giants Cup Uncut 62km

Blessed with yet another adventure having the privilege to run the Giants Cup Uncut (GCU62) as part of Ultra trail Drakensberg.  Set off from Pretoria at 5 am to make it to race registration at Premier Resort Sani Pass where

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Wildseries Three Cranes Challenge 2019

My first major trail race of the year was quite a spur of the moment idea as I entered a few hours before entries closed after Ruan van der Merwe convinced me to do Three Cranes. Still my preparation for