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Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #7

This was probably my favourite Warrior race that I have ever done because I felt really good with my training and my capability of winning all my races. I was originally planning on doing the commando but ended up doing

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #6

This specific Warrior felt like it was my first as I was off for 5 months from OCR racing because I dislocated my shoulder. It didn’t help that I dislocated it again at the SA Championships in the first 100m

Nevarest delivers big time at Warrior #6

After the pains of an incredibly gruelling A1 Cyanosis adventure race, Nevarest set their sights on the sixth race in the Warrior series. Greg sat out due to his lingering injury, so Louis and Michael took the reigns in the Black

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – The air up there

This was my second race that has taken place in Lesotho and the altitude and the cold still played a major factor in how my running changed. We arrived on Friday and 2 hours later competed in the uphill 1km

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior 4

This was my first Warrior race in Stellenbosch. I competed in the u/18 individual sprint race on Saturday and the Commando Elite plus the team sprint race on Saturday. The sprint on Saturday was not too challenging, it included all

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #3

The Warrior #3 funnily caught me off guard. I was expecting an easy run because of the altitude and coming back from Lesotho. But I was wrong, I could feel myself struggling on the run as I had not run

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – 3222

The 3222 was first I have ever done and really enjoyed a lot because of the location in Afriski Lesotho and the friends that came with. I did the 10km and 5km race which was my first race at 3222m,

Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #2

The Bloemfontein Toyota Warrior race was really one to remember and too look forward to in the future. I did the 5km Rookie elite race which was short paced fast race as it was shortened because of rain the day

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