Race Report: Michelle Meyer – The Beast #16

The past weekend I took part in the Burpee chal…I mean The Beast challenge!! ;P

New venue with some new surprises waiting… Heavy carries, long and short. The biggest surprise was the burpees we got to do as a reward for finishing the carries.
Eating lots of dust on a very hot and dry day, I think a lot of people mentioning that we missed the usual water obstacles from the original beast venue…!

A challenging race at the end of the day. Having Nkandla, which is the toughest technical obstacle of the Beast, in the first kilometre or so… I regret not catching my breath before giving it a go. A lane opened when I got there, jumped on it, just to make it to the last rope and not reach that bell = Michelle doing 40 burpees.
I was not aware that we only get a single try, so had me some burpees to do! No DQ for this race, similar to Spartan, you only had to attempt the obstacle and then you could opt to finish out with burpees and get going again.

f course, it is always so satisfying to cross the finish line of a tough race, especially having the biggest laugh on the bag-jump that they place right before the finish line… I haven’t done that in a long time!!

Well done to the Savage winners Catherine Robson and Jason Friedman – you both ran a strong race!

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