Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Warrior #2

What a fantastic effort from The Warrior Race in managing to redesign a whole race due to the weather messing up their original course. It was unfortunate that the biggest obstacle of the black-ops race, Breaking Point, was on the wrong side of the flooded river, but the change-up from the usual 30-something obstacles to 50-something was a pleasant surprise at the morning race briefing.

I am usually not keen for any kind of race that has laps, I consciously avoid them… but we have to take on whatever Warrior puts in front of us, and for me, this was another challenge to overcome, especially mentally! The marshalls helped a lot with this, they are usually full of energy and motivating, but this time I could hear them cheering me on the moment I was in sight

It was great, and it didn’t change any one of the two or three times I had to complete the same obstacle!
I have a lot of work to put into my running, but as we are all settling into 2018, I am planning to get to it and work on my weaknesses while building my strengths.

The sprint after the morning’s big race was as fast as ever. Our change from two semi-finals to get a final four ladies was bypassed to a five lady final race. The course was packed one obstacle on top of the other. Sharp turns and corners to navigate, whilst battling it out with four other ladies trying to get to it before the other. I managed to come in 4th place. Well done Dom for gracefully taking another win, and well done to all the ladies for putting up a tough sprint battle!

The team sprint always comes down to one last mental push… everyone is tired after a whole day of racing, but the team is always so much fun, which makes it all worthwhile! I am proud to say Nevarest Greg, Dylan and myself got a second place behind Die Kaapse Klopse!

Special mention to the little sis for taking two podiums over the weekend. Second place in the Rookie Elite u/16 and completing the sprint course, with a fight through the rings, to take the u/18 ladies sprint category!

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