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Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Multiply Adventure Challenge Sprint

Who knew 2.5km of racing could be so much fun! Taking part in it in 2017 and having missed this event last year. I was really excited to take part in it again! I managed to complete the 2.5km and

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #5

What an incredible race. It was very short and fast due to the flat terrain. Being one of the first times I was allowed to run after SA champs I was quite happy with my running pace. I managed to

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #4

What an incredible race. Training the whole year for one main race it is easy to be disappointed by things that don’t quite go according to plan. One week before the race I managed to twist my ankle quite badly

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Spartan Sprint

What an awesome race! This was the first Spartan race I have ever done and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The race consisted of a 6km run with 21 obstacles. For each obstacle you were only allowed one

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #3

What a roller-coaster of a race. I always look forward to these races and this one was no exception. The race started off really well until we got to the unchained monkey where I was not even able to reach

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – 3222 Challenge

Friday 8th March 2019 We left Pretoria at around 12:00 pm in the hopes of getting to Leshotho before dark so that we could see some of the scenery. And it was definitely worth it. We arrived at the border

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #2

What an incredible race! From the venue to the course to the obstacles it was really such a great event! I really enjoyed the lap format; it was a really nice way to challenge yourself to be better the second

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Nissan Trailseeker #5

I was so excited to race I woke up an hour earlier this morning than I was supposed to. I did that last minute race prep and I was on my way. With some great music getting me ready for

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