Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Beast #15

The Beast # 15


It felt like it had been such a long time since I did an OCR race, it was great to be back!

The Beast still has an impressive amount of obstacles spread out across the course and I love me some obstacles! We started out with a bunch of obstacles close together, where I was able to keep up with the girls. After the gruelling tire pull the men had to do, the field spread out as the running sections got longer between obstacles. Well done Talitha for owning your first Savage race and Cindy for another great finish! I had so much fun at every obstacle and the marshals played a big part in this, they were all amazing!


I was very happy to hear that The Beast team had decided to move up the plans for the sprint, which meant I got to take part with my Nevarest teammates.

This sprint was something else and I loved it! It wasn’t the usual sprint that was densely packed with technical obstacles… It was a 400m loop with 7 obstacles (net-crawl, hanging net climb, gum-poles to get over) before getting to a double tyre carry and finally… the crossfit section! 3 exercises before a sprint to the finish to tag the next team member. This really changed up the approach, because you can try to go flat-out on the loop and then have very little left for the WOD… or you can try to conserve a little bit of energy and go all out on the WOD.

I went for the latter and I know that each one of us gave it all right up to the end in the final. It was the first time my legs felt wobbly when I crossed the finish line! I had some amazing teammates and I am so proud that we secured that second place. A massive well done to the OCT team who won, you guys had no brakes and the OCT team in third…you guys made that team tyre pull look like a stroll on the beach!


Thank you to The Beast Team and organisers for another great event, I can’t wait for the next one!

Grateful to be part of a strong team!

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