Race report: Michelle Meyer – Beast #14

The Beast #14 started with a mad dash to the first obstacle…which was about 50m from the start! Three lanes with x10 the number of athletes who want to go through it. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long for a turn and after the first obstacle, they just kept coming…


The concept of a fast and slow lane really came into play throughout the course. There wasn’t only a penalty run for failing the fast lane after one attempt, it included 30 burpees and completing the slow lane before being able to move on. The penalty risk was much, much greater than taking the time to complete the slow lane efficiently from the get-go. The first slow-fast lane was Everhang. Just like its name implies, it went on forever… It was a very taxing obstacle, getting tangled in the net going into and out of the water several times with athletes climbing over the nets, and each other. 😉


The race was well balanced with challenging obstacles, heavy carries and pulls, and some fast running. A particular obstacle that stands out was the cement brick carry that we had to do two laps of, it was an uncomfortable carry and having to repeat the lap for the second time was strenuous in every sense.

I still enjoy getting chased and chasing after the female athletes right to the end! This race was tough mentally and physically and I commend everyone who conquered The Beast!


Result: 4th Female


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