Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Spartan Race South Africa

It is always exciting when there is a new OCR event held to take part in. Each race has its own “personality” to be remembered by… and the Spartan Race is internationally known to be everything BUT “mellow”.

It did not disappoint in that aspect, the course was incredibly challenging, not because the obstacles were hard but the route, on which we found the obstacles, was demanding. It was very technical, the climbs were at some stages literal “hande-vier-voet” climbing, and the downhills too loose or steep to run… maybe just because I like my ankles in one piece 😉


I also think I have been spoiled by the abundance of obstacles we had on the OCRWC route compared to other races – where are my obstacles at!!? BUT never have I been as happy as I was, when I pegged my spear at the spear throw!

I can proudly say that I only did the 5 burpees that were part of the Atlas carry obstacle during this race…! (Happy-dance😀 for no penalty burpees!)


The race was held on a very hot day, a lot of people not prepared for what was waiting on the course. This included me, I will be carrying a water pack on my next Spartan, because I can’t imagine it being easier than the first race.

I am very eager to complete a trifecta: which means I have to do all the race distances of the Spartan to get 3 pieces of a Trifecta medal.

A 2019 goal that awaits…

With that, I wish the Spartan team all the best for their 2019 races.


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