Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #5

What an incredible race. It was very short and fast due to the flat terrain. Being one of the first times I was allowed to run after SA champs I was quite happy with my running pace. I managed to get through all the obstacles quite easily. I arrived at Iron Rig in 40min 8km into the race and so I was quite excited because I thought that I might be able to get my first ever sub 1hour on a commando race unfortunately after Iron rig my legs decided to started cramping and it took me 30min to do the last 2km. Was really incredible to run through the stadium. I also decided to take part in the Sprint Race which is always so much fun! Definitely looking forward to the Multiply Sprint race next weekend. Thank you so much to the organizers for putting on such a well-organized race it really was very professional. Thank you so much to mu sponsors for blessing me with the opportunity to do what I love. I really am so grateful.   


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