Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Nissan Trailseeker #5

I was so excited to race I woke up an hour earlier this morning than I was supposed to. I did that last minute race prep and I was on my way. With some great music getting me ready for the race the 47min drive didn’t feel long at all. I arrived about 30min before my start time, did a quick warm up and before I knew it the race was underway.


The pace was very fast, but I managed to stay with the front batch for a lot longer then I did the last race. The weather was a bit overcast which made for a great days racing. The route was really beautiful, and what better way to explore a new part of the country then on a bicycle. There were some really nice technical down hills and some rocky up hills. This was my first race not stopping at any of the water points and it definitely saved me a lot of time. The last 10km were gravel road and so I was able to keep up a nice pace all the way to the end. At about 5km till the finish I caught up with a lady in my category and I knew that it was going to be a sprint finish at the end. I tried to drop her but I wasn’t able to, we both wanted it to bad. I wasn’t sure what place that I was racing for but I knew that I wanted to at least try and beat here. We both got into the finish shoot at about the same time. And so I decided to give it everything that I had left and just prayed that my legs wouldn’t cramp on me. I managed to pass 3 women in the last sprint…It just shows that the race isn’t over till you cross the finish line.


I managed to finish in a time of 1h 47min (an 1h and 28min faster than my previous Nissan race). With an average of 23 mph (6mph faster then the last race) I managed to come 22nd overall improving my placing from the last race by 35 places and I managed to come 3rd in my category. I was really happy with my improvement and over joyed to get a podium. I just shows a little bit of hard work will definitely pay off.


I would really like to thank my trainer Greg Avierinos for all your hard work I really appreciate it. And to all my sponsors KeyHealth Medical Aid, Toyota SA, First Ascent and the NevARest team for allowing me to do what I love.  


During the race I managed to crack my frame and so I am now getting a new Core bike. I had some awesome memories on that bike and did over 1500km of pure adventure on it, from my first 120km adventure race when I was 13yrs old to winning SA AR champs to learning how to ride with cleats. Looking forward to the new adventures that I will have on my new bike.


Almost holiday time I hope you all have an incredible holiday no matter where you are going, try and do something a little crazy every day to keep life interesting. Rekindle old passions and find new ones. Hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Nissan races next year….till the next adventure.

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