Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #3

What a roller-coaster of a race. I always look forward to these races and this one was no exception. The race started off really well until we got to the unchained monkey where I was not even able to reach the first triangle to start the obstacle. After failing to reach the triangle I went to the back of the very long queue there was easily over 200 people waiting to try the obstacle.  However after a while they decided to cancel the obstacle and we could carry on.

At this point though I was still quite far back in the queue and so my goal was to try and pass as many people in order to catch up to the front ladies again. The technical trail and the large amount of people made this quite challenging. But I was working my way back up slowly. I was able to over take quite a few people on the obstacles and was running at quite a good pace and so I was quite sure I would be able to make up quite a bit of time when I got to the harder obstacles as that is definitely where my strength lies, only to find out that they were no longer in the race due to safety issues. This was quite a disappointment as they are by far the funnest part of the race. I managed to come top 10 in the ladies and 3rd in the u22. Hopefully the next race will go much better. Congrats to everyone on awesome results.

The sprint race was incredible I really enjoyed the layout and the obstacle were really well thought out! I managed to make Semi-Finals which was really fun. I also took part in the team event with Greg Avierinos and JJ Desel where we missed out on making the finals by 2 seconds it definitely was some fast racing. Definitely looking forward to the next race SA Champs here we come!  All the best to everyone with the training!

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