Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Spartan Sprint

What an awesome race! This was the first Spartan race I have ever done and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The race consisted of a 6km run with 21 obstacles. For each obstacle you were only allowed one attempt and if you failed you had to do a penalty of 30 burpies, which were filmed in order to make sure everyone does them correctly.  The obstacles included Herk hoist, bucket carry, atlas stone carry, 4ft ,6ft wall climb, the inverted wall and the spear throw to name a few. All though my running didn’t goes as well as I would of like I was still happy with my obstacles as I only had to do burpies at the spear throw…lets just say if I was at Sparta in Greece and I had to use a spear to save myself I wouldn’t last very long. I took part in the Age category race and I managed to come 1st in U24. It was really such an awesome race and  I definitely would suggest it to anyone who is looking for an OCR to do.  

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