Nevarest delivers big time at Warrior #6

After the pains of an incredibly gruelling A1 Cyanosis adventure race, Nevarest set their sights on the sixth race in the Warrior series.

Greg sat out due to his lingering injury, so Louis and Michael took the reigns in the Black Ops Elite Men division and pushed hard for the win together with Carla in the Black Ops Elite Ladies division. With these awesome athletes leading the charge in the Black Ops division, we had Calen, Alec and Ruth tear the Commando Elite course up and push for speedy finishes. Last, but most certainly not least, we had the wonder twins; Megan and Dylan van Tonder in the Rookie Elite wave, who have cemented their names as forces to be reckoned with, and proved that once again at Warrior #6.

Through incredibly difficult obstacles and some intense running, these athletes produced incredible results!

Podiums for the Weekend:

  • Louis Smit – 1st Place [Black Ops Elite]
  • Carla Van Huyssteen – 3rd Place [Black Ops Elite]
  • Michael Joubert – 4th Place [Black Ops Elite]
  • Calen Hastie – 3rd Place [Commando Elite]
  • Ruth Avierinos – 2nd Place u/22 [Commando Elite]
  • Alec Avierinos – 1st Place 50+ [Commando Elite]
  • Megan van Tonder – 1st Place [Rookie Elite] + 1st Place u/18 [Ladies Sprint]
  • Dylan van Tonder – 3rd Place [Rookie Elite]

We are so immensely proud of our athletes, who despite adversity, injury and difficulties, prove that they race with their hearts more than anything else, and constantly astound us with their spectacular results.

As always, we’d like to thank all of the supporters who cheer for our athletes as they go along, and our fantastic sponsors, without which, none of this would be possible.

Thank you:  Keyhealth Medical Scheme, Toyota SA, First Ascent, Inov8


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