Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior 4

This was my first Warrior race in Stellenbosch. I competed in the u/18 individual sprint race on Saturday and the Commando Elite plus the team sprint race on Saturday. The sprint on Saturday was not too challenging, it included all of the normal obstacles which made it easy as I knew what to do. We were using a new system which is in preparation for SA Champs so we only were allowed 2 qualifying runs and you were not allowed to practice on the obstacles before the races. I made it to the finals of the individual sprints with the fastest time in my category. There were 4 of us racing which made it a little complicated at the beginning of the course as we had to climb over a wall which made it a choke point. After the wall, I started pulling away from the group and stayed ahead until the end coming first and keeping my undefeated streak.

On Sunday I started at 8:30 in the Commando Elite batch. I had moved up from Rookie Elite in preparation for SA Champs. The Commando is 10km with 25 obstacles. I was a completely different race as the Rookie was a fast-paced racing because it is so short but the Commando is a little more relaxed as it is longer. The obstacles and the running were all very similar, the only real differences were the carry, mission impossible and iron rig. The whole race was up and down hills which was easier than I expected. The iron rig was at the top of a hill with most other obstacles, so I had to slow down and get my breath to make sure I did it correctly and once, thankfully I did so I made my way back down the hill and completed Rookie rig. There was a long hill sprint to the finish where I came 7th overall and 5th in the u/22 category.

I then had a 2-hour wait until team sprints. We could not originally find a team male member to compete with us in the team sprints so it ended up with Carla, JP and me as a team. We started in the first heat with JP first, Carla 2nd and my last running twice around as a team. We were ahead for the whole race and had the fastest time for the 1st heat. We made it into Finals with the second fastest time. We started well again with the same order but I, unfortunately, fell off the balance beam trying to stay in 2nd place but got passed by 3rd, we held the position for the rest of the race and finished 3rd. Thanks to JP and Carla for competing with me, I really enjoyed it and thanks to my sponsors for the opportunity to race in Cape Town. KeyHealth, Toyota, First Accent, Inov8 and the Nevarest Team.

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