Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – Warrior #3

The Warrior #3 funnily caught me off guard. I was expecting an easy run because of the altitude and coming back from Lesotho. But I was wrong, I could feel myself struggling on the run as I had not run the whole week before which was a big mistake but I managed to keep up with the top 3 leaders. The track itself was extremely muddy and slippery as it had rained the previous day. All the obstacles were easy as normal but the top 6 runners for the Rookie Elite, unfortunately, got told to do an obstacle which only Commando and Black – Ops had to do. As I arrived at the obstacle I thought it would be my final opportunity to pass the leader as he could not do the obstacle. As I got to the top of the rope climb, the marshal informed us that we did not have to do the obstacle, I then had to drop from the top beam and catch up in the last 600m. I luckily came 2nd in my age group and unfortunately 4th overall.

The sprint courses this time was different as it included 3 new obstacles. I did not compete in the individual races on Saturday so I had to set a qualifying time after my main race. My time got me into the Nevarest A-Team which I was stoked about. Our team started in the 3rd heat of the sprints where I had to start against Trevor Lagerwey. I stayed right on his heels until the end of the race. Greg and Michelle had a really good run and we made it to finals by 4 seconds with quick decision making at the A-frame where I would run all the way to the top. I again started the finals race and had a really good run including Greg and Michelle. Michelle, unfortunately, fell on the balance beam right before the A-frame where we had caught up to the 3d place by quite a lot, but we missed 3rd by about 10 seconds. Overall it was a great day racing with the team again and I’m looking forward the Warrior #4 in Stellenbosch.

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