Race Report: Dylan van Tonder – 3222

The 3222 was first I have ever done and really enjoyed a lot because of the location in Afriski
Lesotho and the friends that came with. I did the 10km and 5km race which was my first race at
3222m, so it was a difficult race for sure but the scenery was worth it. The 10km started off with a
small climb and then a long descent to the river at the bottom which we had to cross using a rope
while walking through the freezing cold water, then straight into a big hill climb and descent with a
gradual hill climb back to the ski resort.

I came second overall in the 10km. The 5km was an
extremely fast race with a massive hill climb in the beginning to the top of the mountain and a fast-paced
downhill race to finish. I came 1 st in the 5km race. The altitude was something I was not
prepared for and I think everyone racing can agree with me especially the first climbs of both races.
Overall the whole experience will be something that I will miss and look forward to for the races
later in the year and hopefully we can keep the tradition of swimming in the dam every race.

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