Dylan van Tonder

Age 15
Weight (kg) 62
Height (cm) 182
Where do you live Centurion
Occupation / Field of Study / School Cornwall Hill College
Main sport Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)
Other sporting interests Downhill Racing
About you My name is Dylan van Tonder, I am 15 years old and I enjoy the Warrior race. I started the Warrior first sometime last year and I really enjoyed myself, but I only officially stated it during the beginning of 2017. This race has given me so many opportunities that I can't even imagine and I'm very thankful for the Toyota and Keyhealth Nevarest team who gave them to me.
Top sporting achievements Athletics Victaladorum ×3
Sportsman of the year
Favourite song  Lines are broken
What is your favourite meal Pizza
What is your favourite movie  Fast and the Furious 8
Highlight of your sporting career When I started The Warrior Race and my Downhill racing.
Number of years with the team 1
Number of years racing 1