Carla van Huyssteen

Age 33
Weight (kg) 53
Height (cm) 162
Where do you live Hilton
Occupation / Field of Study / School Physiotherapist
Main sport Trail Running
Other sporting interests Multisport, OCR, Adventure Racing and Mountain Biking.
About you Leading an active lifestyle is what makes me whole, I like doing a variety of activities and am always keen to try new things. Probably why I was so drawn to multi sport in the first place. The “dead tired” feeling after a hard session is the best feeling. If I can inspire people to believe in themselves in whatever they set out to do, while keeping true to themselves and the people around them, it will be mission accomplished 😉
Top sporting achievements

2005: 1st – SA Triathlon Champs Age Group 20-24
2006: 7th ITU Triathlon World Champs Age Group 20-24
2007: 8th ITU Triathlon World Champs Age Group 20-24
2008: 1st ITU Triathlon World Champs Age Group 20-24
2009: 3rd XTERRA SA Champs Elite
2012: 3rd ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs Elite
2013: 12 XTERRA World Champs Elite; 1st Warrior National Champs
2014: 1st SA Cross Triathlon Champs
2015: 5th ITU Cross Triathlon World Champs Elite

Favourite song
Any song by Queen
What is your favourite meal
Northern Indian Cuisine
What is your favourite movie I am no movie connoisseur, so romantic comedies do the trick. I am quite the Hugh Grant fan, so Love Actually and Nottinghill is some of the favorites.
Highlight of your sporting career There has been many amazing highlights along the way, but winning my first national title in triathlon, was a highlight as it solidified the course of the next decade of my life.
Number of years with the team New Member
Number of years racing 12
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