Race Report: Ruan van der Merwe – Kinetic Adventure Sprint

So my first time racing as a mixed team and also my first time navigating on the sprint format of the Kinetic Events adventure races, needless to say, a lot of time was spent telling Yolande that I am sorry for getting us lost… again!

Since Yolande was still suffering from flu she got on her recent skiing trip in the Alps, I was hoping we would be able to move a bit slower so I have some time to make better navigation decisions, but alas, she pushed straight through that flu-like it was nothing!

So the 1st leg being an easy running leg, we stuck to the front and managed to stay there until the second leg which was an Mtb leg. As Malcolm rightly put it, it looked as if Stephan just dropped a bunch of marbles on the map and decided that would be the CP points. I did get quite a few of us lekker lost on the way to the 1st CP, but luckily all our competition decided it was a good idea to follow me, and thus I think the first few positions didn’t change much.

After some severe frustrations on trying to figure out what the hell was going on, on the map, we still snuck in 3rd overall into transition with only the last run and kayak to go. The Kayak turned out to be more of a Yolande paddling and Ruan running and pushing the boat over sandbanks, but oh well, we still did it awesomely!

With a quick run to collect the last few CP’s and over the obstacle, we finished as the 1st Mixed Pair & 3rd Overall!

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