Race Report: Michael Joubert – Warrior #3

After missing the last 3 Warrior races and not having done one of these LOW RIGES since its introduction into the Warrior Race series I was rather unsure of how I would perform in this race. In the last few months I started doing triathlon and unfortunately did not spent that much time training for OCR.

I was still in very good shape, but the two sports are still way different as I could see my grip strength wasn’t what is used to be. I took all the rigs rather slowly and made sure my hands were dry and clean before I started. Luckily, I didn’t have to redo any of the obstacles, but I definitely could have gone faster through them.

As usual the race started very fast and I ran easily with the front group until our first really long carry. We had to carry two bricks (most probably 1.5km) and with practising very little carries the last few months I dropped off there from the leading guys. After that I slowly started to run my way back. Keeping a steady pace and catching one after the other.

Going into Unchained Monkey trying to pass Egor, we broke the whole rig. As I went to ring the bell the whole top structure buckled. We just ran on as the marshals said that we rather shouldn’t go on it again.

All the obstacles went rather smoothly as I passed one after the other leading up to Breaking Point. With a lot of people still struggling at Breaking Point, I made sure I was ready when I attempted it as I didn’t know if I would be able to redo it again if I fall. Luckily I made it through the first time laying in 5th place – but hot on my heals was Trevor. By having only the tire pull left, I knew I wouldn’t keep the gap easily. He unfortunately he passed me ¾ in and there was just not enough distance in the race left to run him in.

I crossed the finish line in 6th place. Very glad about my position.  Thanks to TEAM NEVAREST with the help of Keyhealth, First Ascent, Toyota and ASG for making it possible to compete in these great events and doing what I love.

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