Race Report: Malcolm and Jaco – Kinetic Sprint race #3

The kinetic 25km sprint race always tends to be a red lining, heart pumping super fast sprint race and this one did not disappoint.

The race started with a long run, Jaco and I made a short lead on the field but the transition and needed to orientate the map meant the lead was quickly reduced going into the bike section. Again Jaco and I managed to make a decent gap but then followed a road that led to a closed palisade gate. We had to hurdle two fences and found ourselves behind the race leaders.

We consolidated and made a slight recovery picking up the control points. When we decided to make a break the top three teams suddenly realized we had all missed CP 10.

A bit of backtracking was all it took to find the missing CP and continue on. Jaco and I laid the hammer down and pushed hard to make a decent gap going into the final trek/kayak leg. Despite an “over-the-handlebar” crash for Malcolm we managed to get to transition with a healthy lead.

We hold on during the final leg and over the obstacles to take the win. With Keyhealth Jabberwock and ourselves on equal points going into the series finale in December its really going to be a cracker of a race.

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