Race Report: Louis Smit – Momentum Multiply

What a great new concept and I really didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. 2km with 30 obstacles sounds short and fun, like they say less run more fun but believe me that was not the case, less run more pain is a more accurate way of describing the shorter ones.

Getting to the starting line I thought to myself; “get in front fast and stay there its only two kilos”. I have a track background so speed is right up my alley and I thought I would easily do well here. I didn’t anticipate the obstacles to tax me as much as they did. I blew out way too fast and as soon as the lactate started to build up everything got way harder, the harder you run the harder the obstacles, the harder you hit the obstacles the heavier the legs feel on the run.

I finished in 5th position way under par, I believe this was partly due to two really heavy 100km + weeks in preparation for warrior 8 but also partly due to having a completely wrong strategy, next time if I compete in an event similar to this one I will approach it very differently. Just want to thank my sponsors for this opportunity, I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. There are no bad experiences we win some and we learn some.

Next up is Warrior 8, going to be well rested for this one and going in with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hope to see you there.

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