Race Report: Carla van Huyssteen – Warrior #6

Wow, so up to a few weeks ago I was very unsure if I would even be able to race at all this year again, I could barely run a few km’s without quite a severe discomfort in my left knee due to a lateral meniscus tear I got at Expedition Africa this year in May. I have been struggling for weeks now with rehab, trying to nurse my knee to health as best I could but also giving it time to heal. Swimming has been my main source of cardiovascular exercise and I must say I have really been enjoying being back in the pool after about a 2 year “dry” bout. I have been doing rehab exercises, jogging in the pool, and then upper body strength work. So going into the race I definitely was not too confident about what the outcome would be and also if I would even be able to finish.


But I must say, the support from my fellow elite female competitors was amazing, before the race everyone was inspiring me, praying for me and giving me hope that it will be okay and that God has a plan, and whatever happens, I must have faith that He knows me, and knows what the future holds for me.  I feel blessed, honoured and humbled by the support!


So, unfortunately, swimming can only do that much for your running fitness, and the low-veld dry air did catch in my throat a bit, I was not comfortable on the run, a bit unstable and feeling super unfit, but as the obstacles went by, I gained some momentum and speed and managed to creep into the podium position. I had a slight lead over Nadine from AOT when we got to a heavy tire lift obstacle. The aim was to lift it just off the ground (or at least this was established afterwards) but the marshal instructed us to lift it all the way to the top of the frame, and I could barely lift it off the ground hanging on the rope with all my weight. I moaned and groaned and thought this was it, once again I would be stopped dead in my tracks by a weight obstacle. Frustrated I kept trying and with the motivation of my fellow participants I willed the tired up after several attempts. By this time Nadine had left us in the dust and Trish had also managed to get it and go and I was left to play catch up.


The rest of the race went smooth, running as best I could and completing the obstacle one after the other, the highlight was being led into the stadium and running around the stadium grounds with a few sneak peeks of the pitch

I was happy to take 3rd place. Under the circumstances, it is a win and hopefully the start of my road to fitness and getting in shape for the next upcoming races if my knee allows me to do so.


Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and words of well wishes!!

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