Race Report: Alec Avierinos – OCR WC Enduro 2019

Do you have any idea what you are capable of achieving?


For me, out of all the sports I have done obstacle course racing (OCR) was the first one that I failed at. I was given no result due to not being able to complete an obstacle. This motivated and challenged me. I think I can do this! Because I thought I could, I did! Once, twice, three times but then I failed again, got sick, got injured, and had to start all over again and again and again. The 24h endurance version of the sport tests you way beyond your physical capabilities.

It takes a lot of courage, determination, perseverance and grit. I did not start out on day one with the goal of becoming the 50+ endurance OCR world champion.

I started out by training to finish a local 10km OCR race with my disqualification band still on my arm.


I surprised myself when I won the 2018 24h Enduro OCR World Championships. Prior to that I had only managed 80km of OCR in 24 hours. At 2018 24h Enduro OCR World Championships I managed 50km more! Almost 130km.


Defending my title in 2019 was my goal from the moment I finished, the moment I crossed the line in 2018. I really trained and focused on this goal. In 2019 I arrived in double the physical condition compared to 2018. I had a plan and a good strategy, then life happened, a curveball. In order to avoid any bottlenecks at obstacles we would not do the heavy carries or the tyre drag on lap 1. Bonus? I deviated from my plan. I got caught up in the moment and went out faster and harder than planned. By the time I got to 40km I was nauseous and could not eat as planned. I was cramping every time I had to do a crawling obstacle. I had dropped from 1st place to 2nd and was only 6 hours into a 24 hour race! I knew I could. I had a goal and a clear objective. I regrouped, changed my plan and strategy to focus on one lap at a time, sorted my nutrition (a story for another day) and persevered. I had more than enough reasons to quit and 18 hours of hardship ahead including wading through a dam up to my armpits in sub-zero temperatures on each lap. BUT I DID NOT! I caught and passed my main competitor, I ran almost 100km after I was in a bad way and went on to win in a time over 1h30m faster than in 2018. I was stuffed, but elated when I crossed the finish line and won! Although my primary objective was to go further than in 2018 I decided not to go out for a final 11km lap. Had I needed to too win I could and would have but the win was secured. My body was stuffed.  My mind was elated. My I think I can do this was achieved!

With 127km (11 Laps) I had won the 50+ category by 47 min and placed 11th out of 486 total participants. (All ages including the elite category athletes)


My participation in sport at this level would not have been possible without:

Developing a much closer intimate relationship with Jesus my Creator and understanding my purpose.

The unbelievable support of my wife and children.

A seriously understanding and supportive business partner, thanks Rory.

The financial backing of my sponsors.

The local support of my cousin, his family and friends.

This victory was for them. It has also helped to more clearly define my purpose.

To inspire, encourage and instruct others in victoriously achieving their God-given purpose. This is way more probable in healthy capable bodies!

OCR training and racing will improve your health and performance in sport and in life.


We all have OBSTACLES, now let’s overcome them.

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