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Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Trail Adventure Canoe Triathlon

Had some hectic racing yesterday at the TrailAdventure Canoe TriAthlons and probably one of my closest finishes in a long time!! So after the first 9km paddle I was about 7/8min behind the leader, who I didn’t know then but is one

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Warrior #4

Looking back to 2016 Warrior Nelspruit was definitely one of my favorites, partly because of the hill we had to go up and down, this time that hill showed me who’s boss! I am beginning to like the sprint courses

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – TrailAdventure Canoe Triathlon

This was an awesome race and my first multi-sport event in a long time with my focus being OCR. This race was done as team and I paired up with Michael Joubert to form the Nevarest male pair team. The

Greg Avierinos – The Grind #1701

THE GRIND #1701 This weekend saw the first grind OCR of 2017 and it was awesome!! This was their 3rd event a was definitely there best one yet.  The race was 5 km long with +-30 obstacles, it was fast

Greg Avierinos – Jump City

I’ve always loved the Jump City, usually its been something fun to do with Michelle but this time we thought we’d race it… I love the whole urban aspect to the race, its such a change from what we used

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