Greg Avierinos – Jump City

I’ve always loved the Jump City, usually its been something fun to do with Michelle but this time we thought we’d race it… I love the whole urban aspect to the race, its such a change from what we used to!! Race was organised really well and I felt it ran fairly smoothly, with more than enough obstacles but nothing too tough that would be impossible to the seasoned fitness enthusiast. 

We started by getting bussed off to the start, this was a cool twist, no more loops and more unknown lying a head! 

Race started out very fast, with myself taking an early lead and having to work hard to keep it that way! Luckily after a short while we get to some obstacles and I was able to make a gap on some of the faster runners. Race was very cool with lots of sections going through buildings, museums and basements, even having quite along dark zone for some sections 😛 

At about half way running through the one museum I was able to make a bit of a gap on 2nd, who was still right behind me. Over the next section there was a long open running section where the roads were a bit too narrow for any sort of obstacles ad so had to push hard with the running here which took quite a bit out on the legs! Managed to make quite a lead on second here and after the one climb to a peak back to see where he was and could no longer see him 😀 

Now it was just to maintain pace and push through till the end… Next the route saw us going through another underground parking section that had been corned off for the Adventure Bootcamp section, this had us crawling, jumping, skipping and all sorts of other interesting stuff and from there it was a last push to the finish with a few more cool obstacles and a monkey bars over to the finish. 

Was great fun and awesome to be back on the top step again!! Managed to finish off the 10km on just over 41min although l measured slightly less distance the race organisers had said about 4km of the race was in buildings and under ground so that would really register on my watch…