Vehicle Review: Malcolm Dunkeld – Toyota Rav4 2.0 GX 2WD

Taking a break from all the training and racing to enjoy some time with my family and especially my newborn daughter, we took a family holiday to the South coast. This was a great opportunity to test out our Toyota Rav4 2.0 GX 2WD.

We had a stopover at Wagon Drift Dam just next to the N3 so the first part of the journey was uneventful. The Rav4’s power steering, six-speed gearbox and standard cruise control makes a journey like this easy and extremely enjoyable. The vehicle cruises on the open road and the 2-litre engine has the necessary grunt to overtake a slower vehicle. The biggest challenge here is holding back the vehicle that just wants to go go go, this is where the cruise control is an awesome feature. The boot capacity was especially useful having three ladies in my family we managed to pack only the vehicle not even needing a trailer and there was still room.


The first challenge was the 10km rutted and washed out farm road which took us to the Wagon Drift campsite. The high clearance (180mm) made this journey as easy as if we were still on the highway. The Hill Assist Control was useful and we stopped in precarious positions to open and close farm gates.


The next day my sense of adventure kicked in and I decided to take some back roads through the Midlands to enjoy this magical part of the country. From Eskort we travel across to Mooi River, from here we started to use some dirt roads as we passed Curry’s Post and Karkloof. It was a typical Midlands day misty and rainy. Once again the vehicle performed excellently. As soon as the dirt roads gave a hint of slipping or loose gravel the Vehicle Stability Control kicked in and ensured the vehicle was always in control. Coming down toward Karkloof Country club there was an especially muddy section of road. The local farmers were travelling one at a time over this section. Once again the Rav4 simply took it in its stride and we managed to get through this section and down to Karkloof falls no problem.


The remainder of the journey to the South Coast and back was relatively uneventful which is what you want from your vehicle. All in all the Rav4 is an excellent family vehicle that can both cruise the highways and manage some seriously gnarly dirt roads. Proud to be driving one.

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