Trail ADVENTURE Smuts House Run

A beautiful Sunday morning, 13 November, was Trail Adventure’s first ever trail run at Smuts House. The terrain at Smuts House certainly was going to offer runners a more technical route with a “koppie”, river crossings and very technical rocky trails.

The race started through the arboretum and slowly wound up the “koppie”. Within the first two kilometres I tripped over a concealed rock, taking a huge chunk of skin off my hand. I, however, saw this as positive as it meant we were on a real trail run. We soon descended the “koppie” and entered the trees again. There was some beautiful single track running through the vegetation, which was really enjoyable, before we entered a grassy area above the river. The route then took us back up to the start line and onto the second half of the race.


Leaving the Smuts area we entered the neighbouring half-built estate. The first section was through an abandoned house with a big drop-off on the far side. We then ran down towards the river, which is when it became interesting. I jumped into the river expecting knee high water and was soon up to my chest in a very flooded river which swept me off my feet. I managed to swim across and carry on running. Soon I heard a cry for help and when I looked back saw the second place runner struggling in the current. I ran back to help and fortunately Greg Averinos and I were able to help him across the river. Unknown to us this was the first of eight river crossings, two of which actually required swimming upstream against the flooded current. We soon advised other runners not to take on the river crossings if they were not competent swimmers.

We continued on running and swimming, the route was cut through the river forest vegetation which made it rather technical but most enjoyable. I managed to break away to take the lead again and held on for the win. Greg came second and well done Michelle Meyer who won the 10km and was probably the only lady to do all the river crossings. It was certainly an ADVENTURE and most enjoyable race.



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