Yolande Speedy

Age 40
Weight (kg) 60
Height (cm) 155
Where do you live Centurion
Occupation / Field of Study / School Software Developer
Main sport
Adventure Racing
Other sporting interests Mountain biking, trail/road running, hiking, Snowboarding
About you I am a lover of nature and adventure sport, in a very happy relationship with my fiancé, Paul. My main line of work is Software Development. I participated competitively in the sport of Mountain biking for 18 years semi-retiring due to injury in 2014. Always keen for a new adventure I joined Team Nevarest for a few events in 2017 which I thoroughly enjoyed and I’m super excited to be a part of the team for 2018.
Top sporting achievements

Representing South Africa at the 2008 Olympics and multiple World Championship Cross Country & Marathon Mountain Bike (MTB) races.
12th at the 2012 World MTB marathon Champs.
Winning Cape Epic in the mixed and ladies category.

Favourite song
 Passenger – Whispers
What is your favourite meal
A good steak
What is your favourite movie
I have many…
Highlight of your sporting career Every moment I have spent in nature doing what I love!
Number of years with the team I have joined the team for 3 races in 2017 but 2018 will be my first year as part of the team.
Number of years racing 18
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