Michelle Meyer

Age 24
Weight (kg) …pending…
Height (cm) 175
Where do you live Centurion
Occupation / Field of Study / School MBChB student
Main sport Obstacle Course Racing (OCR)
Other sporting interests Rock Climbing, Cycling
About you I am a 24-year-old obstacle course racing final year medical student who loves to climb stuff when I am not wearing my “clean” shoes. I took part in my first obstacle race at the end of 2013 and just can’t seem to get enough of it. At the end of 2014, I raced in the elite category for the first time and have managed to keep myself ranked in the top 6 of South Africa’s elite female obstacle racers.
To me, OCR is so much more than just ropes, running and muddy pits – OCR pushes you to your limits and makes you realize that you are capable of so much more when you reach those boundaries. You are only limited to how far your mind can take you…!
Top sporting achievements OCR World Championships 2015 15km: 3rd (18-24)
OCR World Championships 2016 Short course Pro: 6th
OCR World Championships 2016 15km: 4th (18-24)
Favourite song Sail (Awolnation)
What is your favourite meal My mom’s “pampoen tert” … no, it’s not a dessert, but might as well be… it’s that good! =D
What is your favourite movie Let’s go with a classic… Pearl Harbor!
Highlight of your sporting career Making it on to the podium at the OCR World Championships
Number of years with the team 3
Number of years racing 4
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