Silver at Spartan Stadion Race

By Louis Smit, at Loftus Versveld

23 November, 2019.

The first Spartan Stadion in South Africa and I was lucky enough to compete there at the legendary Loftus Stadium home of the Blue Bulls rugby franchise…. There was a bit of confusion before the start of the race but other than that the event was fairly well organized and everything went smoothly, quality obstacles, friendly volunteers, some snack and coffee stands, lekker music, very impressive and enjoyable day out…
The race was a tough one I knew that starting too hard would come back to bite me as well as starting too slow as there aren’t a lot of space up and down halls, stairs and seats, a bottleneck somewhere would be devastating. So I started in front and ahead up the first flight of stairs, I did take a hard fall when my foot got stuck on a barrier, cursing myself I got up and continued as we got to the top, I was already gasping for air, plus the other competitors were on my heels.
I tried my best but those stairs really were something else and Bradley Claase made a pass, I knew that even though its already a hard effort I need to keep contact in case he made a mistake. I would make up a little time on some of the obstacles but not enough to catch Brad just yet, as we got to the Assault Bike (Mid-race), we needed to do 15 calories, I decided to sit next to Bradley to maybe try and put him under pressure but half way through my calories he was off and running again, making the gap so big that I knew I wouldn’t catch him unless he made some mistakes on the slackline or spear.
I had a really clean race from this point, I balanced my way across the slackline, I landed my spear, but nearly died on the long sandbag carry like really so many stairs with a +-30kg sandbag took so much out my legs and that’s almost half my bodyweight. I saw glimpses of Bradley but he was too far ahead, and he took the win clocking just under 30min and I took 2nd behind him at 31min. It was a great battle but there was absolutely nothing I could have done to get a better result Bradley thoroughly deserved the victory he was on a different level….
Thanks to all the people who supported us at the event and also the people following my journey I hope this inspires you guys to join us on the next one! Also to my amazing sponsors thanks for all the opportunities – Team work makes the dream work. Faster-Stronger-Tougher
NevarestTeam, ToyotaSA, FirstAscent, KeyhealthMedicalScheme

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