Race Report: Tumi Matlou – 3222

Afriski you beauty- What an adventure!

Known for its high altitude adventurous playground at 3222m above sea level, it was time to take on “The mountain kingdom of Lesotho” with a bit of a trail adventure!
The 1st day started with a 25km run but some would call it a hike. The scenery was breath-taking yet the pack in front had no time to enjoy the view. I was running with the leading lady for about 14km before the technical terrain started. She dominated the climbs and pulled away. It was a good 1st day yet with the 1st place leading with 19 minutes, it would take a lot to make up time and this lung-busting trail run was testing me big time!
The 2nd day came and the body struggled to get out of bed. Calves stiff and my hips feeling weak.

I knew that this was going to take everything I had to retain my 2nd position. I had a 12-minute lead over the 3rd place yet anything was possible in those mountains.
The last leg started and I knew that this is a war against the 1 st 6km climb! It was the most beautiful route I’ve ever run in my life yet there was no time to appreciate my surroundings!
I finished the race retaining my 2nd position yet this was a beast of a race! It was mental and I have so much more respect for the Lesotho mountains!

Thank you so much for the sponsors who supports us in living our passion and making it all possible!

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