Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Warrior #4

It was my first time racing at the Nelspruit venue and I am looking forward to the next one already!

The weekend kicked off with the individual sprint race. It was a compact course, very well set up for spectators not to miss any action. After doing my qualifier, I enjoyed watching all the other athletes fly through the course. It is both entertaining and interesting to watch how there are so many different ways to approach the exact same obstacles…
When the semi- finals crept closer, my nerves also grew. I am familiar with the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, but for some reason the sprint race makes it feel like bats trying to make their way out…!
I got through to the finals where the final 4 ladies stepped up to see who can get through the 10 obstacles the fastest!
I managed to get a little bit of a lead going over and under the first obstacle, but after completing the chained monkey-bars I felt Trish making the small gap even smaller on the sandbag loop we had to run – she is so fast, even with that sandbag…! From there on out it was Trish breathing down my neck up to the very last obstacle where we had the closest finish I have ever been involved in…!!
Well done Trish, Cath and Emily, you girls are amazing!
So happy to have taken the top of the podium with Greg, he took the win in the men’s sprint race.

Sunday morning started off with a little threat of making it a wet and even more challenging race. Only a few raindrops fell before we were off to take on the Black-ops course with a generous overcast protecting us from the hot weather the previous day gave us a taste of.
It was a technical, hilly route and I was grateful for my Inov-8 Roclite 290’s giving my feet some extra support along the way. (Thanks again Alec for letting me use them on such short notice!)
My running felt good, but I know I still need a lot of work for me to try and keep up with the leading ladies pace. I am looking forward to try and make my way back into the top 5.
Girls are putting in the work, getting stronger and faster with every race, everyone’s determination is motivating me to want to work for it even more!

The team event was another race of close finishes. Team JeepBok took the well-deserved win and we took second place with Team AOT on our heels at the finish line!
It is tough racing the team event shortly after finishing the black-ops course, I think everyone would agree!? It’s a combination of tired muscles and bruises, my shins are like magnets for gumpoles…especially on the short course!
I am so proud of Greg and Louis and grateful that we can race as a team. I love this event that Warrior has brought in as part of the weekend.

Thank you to Keyhealth Nevarest Team, to Rhona and Alec for the lovely accommodation arrangements close to the venue.
It was another weekend of memorable racing moments!
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