Race Report: Michelle Meyer – The Beast #11 Challenge

I had such a good time taking part in the Savage race this past weekend. We started off with some of the fast/slow lane obstacles right at the beginning of the race which got me excited to get to all the rest. Luckily I had gone through the race without any burpee penalties, that was, until I got to the obstacle frame hanging over the water… With the frame moving and me trying to build momentum to grab the rope at the beginning section just continued to be counter-productive… so I went down for a dip and then I had my 30 burpees to complete before moving on (you only get one try on the fast lane).

I think making everyone count their burpees out loud is a good rule, it motivates you to not slow down when the guy next to you is speeding up and you can’t really lose count even when you are tired!
With only a handful of girls racing the savage, I knew I could only complete the race, with my band, to do well.
However… I was reminded during the race: “Don’t finish well, finish STRONG” ! And I liked that, it was going through my mind all the way to the finish! (Thanks Steven!;))
Congrats to all the podium finishers and racers of the day!
Thank you to The beast for the great prizes and hosting a well-balanced OCR!
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