Race Report: Michelle Meyer – BattleRush / JumpCity

Lima 971-582… after missing the spear throw I was definitely not going to do another 30 burpees for not remembering my number combination!
What a thrilling race to take part in! The concept of the obstacles having a “burpee zone” and only allowing a single attempt made for an exciting race. The burpees were enough to make you give your everything to complete that obstacle! …Not that I think anyone ever approaches a battlerush obstacle half-heartedly!
Marco had built new obstacles, from the stairway to heaven to the urban skyline and added his Battlerush touch. Leading up to the race I got more and more excited with every teaser they released.
I knew I had a terrible history with the spear throw and that it was probably a set 30 burpees waiting for me along the course. I was hopeful when I saw Carina peg hers just before I took my turn, but unfortunately I can throw it far enough, but it never seems to go in the right direction!!
>From there on out I managed to complete all the obstacles until I got to the up-and-over that had tyres looped over them. It looks so simple until you blink and the next moment you are lying on the floor
…Another 30 burpees!
Getting into the venue area, the last few obstacles went quickly up to the final extreme monkeybars. As I arrived Sam had just started with the penalty, 30 burpees and an uphill sandbag run which meant completing the obstacle successfully could give me the second spot on the podium. After getting wet on the slide I tried to dry my hands before attempting the long rig. Grip-grip-grip!! Grabbing the last bar on the swing and ringing the bell was so thrilling… and a big relief to not do the burpees and run up the hill with the sandbag!
Thank you Battlerush for an awesome time, a beautiful medal and the coolest trophy!!!
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Jump City – 8 Aug
The first Jump city at Gold Reef City in a while that we managed to be on time for the batch start! It was an enjoyable race as expected and with the obstacles being similar to previous races, there was a route change-up that kept it interesting.
I was pleasantly surprised to take the second spot on the podium(next to Greg), as these races are usually very fast paced! Well done Hanneke and Brad for leading the mens and ladies packs for the win.
I am sorry to the athletes who took a wrong turn along the course, maybe you were going toooo fast .. ;P (Just kidding! It is never nice to find yourself doing more or less than what was set out!)
Thanks to the organizers and sponsors for making it such a fun race! Pre-Woman’s day fun day!
#teamnevarest #jumpcity #saocr