Race Report: Megan van Toner – Warrior #4

The warrior weekend was held at a stunning wine farm called Bilton in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. On Saturday the Sprint race individuals took place and I don’t think that the Sprint course has ever had such a beautiful background view. I was there on the Saturday supporting our team but didn’t compete in the Sprint race myself, however, my twin brother, Dylan van Tonder did and he managed to take the win for the u/18 men. After the sprint race on Saturday, I went for a walk to look around to get an idea of what the track was going to be like the next day…. yikes, there were many hills, all around!  I knew then that I had a hectic run in store for me the next day. On Sunday the Rookie batch set off at 9 am that morning. After the start, you turned right and straight through some vineyards and up a gradual hill to the first obstacle. After obstacle one, we carried on further up the hill and got to obstacle number 2 and after that headed down toward the valley, followed by a few obstacles then up a steep hill again. The race mainly consisted of many up and down hills with obstacles on some of the flats. As I got to the Rookie rig I knew I was nearing the end. One more hill, one more push. By now I was pretty tired but I still attempted to run up most of the hill.  A quick walk break in between just to catch my breath and then as I got to the top, I sprinted to the finish. I managed to come 1st for u/16 girls and 2nd overall for the ladies.

Around 11 am that same morning we decided to compete in the Sprint race for juniors, a new category the organisers created (more for fun!) to encourage the juniors to also participate in the Sprint races. A total of 3 teams participated, and our managed to get a 2nd place (even though we weren’t really racing for places). The managers of the Sprint race changed the rules around for the juniors because it was a little challenging for the girls to get over the wall they had set up, so we only went once around the course and we were allowed to help each other, which I think definitely helped because some people struggled with different obstacles and other people could then help them.

Now the hard training starts for SA champs in June, in Durban where I will be competing in the Commando category. I am very excited and nervous at the same time but, but that’s what it takes to be a warrior! As warrior Ric says, BE BRAVE!!

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