Race Report: Megan van Tonder – Warrior #5 [SA Champs]

The very exciting weekend started off with a long 6-hour drive to Ballito, Durban where the team was staying. We arrived late Friday around 21:30 and showered, and headed straight to bed as we had individual sprint races the next day. When we arrived at the Warrior venue the next morning I was blown away by the amazing view we had of the sea, I have always loved the beach, so now being able to race on the beach was beyond exciting for me, although I might add, the sand is not very forgiving to run on. Thankfully the Sprint Course was not situated on the sand. I don’t usually decide to do the sprint course, but because it was SA Champs, I decided to give it a go.

I have done the sprint course in the past but there was never an U/18 category, which was introduced between last year and this year. My qualifying time was pretty good, had a really good run, but I definitely had places where I could improve on my time, some obstacles can be beaten some more ☺.

There were only 3 x U/18 girls that competed, so the organizers decided not to worry about overall qualifying times. Our time would be our placing. I had the fastest time out of the 3 girls and was crowned the U/18 Ladies SA sprint race champion. It really feels great for me, because about a year ago, I struggled to even complete a Rookie Elite race.

Having been so happy with my results I was so pumped and excited for the long race on Sunday where I decided to compete in the Rookie Elite category, as I usually do. The race was challenging starting off with a run on the beach and then we headed up long, steep hills to more obstacles and eventually made our way back down towards to beach back to the finish line. This race also included a long downhill slide.  Just like the slip and slides we used as kids. So that was a new obstacle although half way down I decided it was faster to run it so got back onto my feet rather and managed to gain some time.

Having an amazing view of the beach definitely added to the amazing race. I managed to come 1st for the U/18 ladies and 2nd overall for Rookie elite ladies. The race was so much fun, although it was slightly cold and rainy, what would a warrior race be without a challenge anyway?

I am beyond happy with my results from SA champs leaving with an SA champ title followed by 1st and a 2nd. I can’t wait for SA Champs 2019, where I hope to be competing in the Commando, 10km category, but for now I am looking forward to the Warrior #5 in Nelspruit!

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