Race Report: Megan van Tonder – Warrior #3

It’s been a hectic 2 weeks with the Lesotho 3222 race the weekend before last and the #warrior 3 this past weekend. I must say – I am feeling more pumped than ever and putting my body to the ultimate test is paying off.

This was now my official 8th warrior race after starting OCR racing around the middle of last year. Seeing the progress and training all starting to pay off has helped me to achieve such great results these past 2 weekends.

The Rookie 5km race at Tierpoort Adventure Farm this weekend was such an awesome race and I really enjoyed every moment. It started off with a run on a mountain bike track that headed up a hill to an obstacle.  From there into a trench and onto a river, which involved a crossing. Nice and wet now, it was off to the mud monster.

The mud-monster was not very challenging this time around but all in all, it is never 100% easy. But the mud was really sticky, I came out of that obstacle with mud hands, to the point that my mother even thought I was wearing gloves!  That also didn’t make the next set of obstacles that easy, try gripping a rope with mud hands.

I even saw a guy running with one shoe in his hand, he lost it in the mud monster and then just ran with it in hand from there onwards. Luckily the Tower of Rage managed to rinse me off.  

It’s been a very exciting weekend and I cannot wait for the next warrior race in Cape Town.  And then it’s off to SA champs, phew already feeling the pressure. I think that it is going to be a very tough race so now the intense training begins!

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