Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Race to the Sun

Any race that is 100 miles will always be a challenge. Despite the relatively “easy” route of the 167km race to Sun City from Hartebeespoort dam, the race was by no means easy.


The route consisted of fast dirt roads with a few tar sections in-between, but what made this race challenging was a pace at which it was raced at. The first 100km had a negative profile and I averaged around 34km/h. At the 100km mark, however, the route certainly got tougher. The next section was 20km of heavily corrugated slightly up-hill riding. Pounding the legs has I worked hard to stay in the competitive bunch I was riding in.

Managing to maintain a just under 30km/h average I was looking strong to finish with that group. Unfortunately, at the 140km mark, my rear detailer cable somehow slipped out of the frame holder and started to catch against my wheel and ultimately my chain fell off…on an uphill…typically!!!


It took me a minute or so to sort out but then the bunch was gone. Driven by frustration I rode hard to see if somehow I could catch them but unfortunately, I could only pick off four stragglers and never managed to catch the bunch again. Despite this, I thought it was a great race and enjoyed all 5h43min of it.

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