Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Kinetic 25Km sprint race and series

The final Kinetic sprint series race took place at Riversands Farm on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This was the final race of the four-event series and it was a hotly contested race as well. Team Keyhealth Nevarest and team Keyhealth Jabberwock entered into this final race tie on points, meaning the winner of the race would also ultimately win the series.

With these high stakes on the line, the race was sure to be fast and furious. And so it was!!! The first leg was a 4.5km run leg the two Keyhealth teams led each other along the route with very little between them. After a fast transition into the bike leg (18km) there was still nothing between the two teams. This type of racing is not on a marked but rather navigating from one checkpoint (CP) to the next using google earth maps. CP 1-5 were all found with easy but at CP5 there was a fence that needed to be detoured, at this point the A3 map also needed to be flipped over on the bikes map board. Our team managed to make a gap on Keyhealth Jabberwock as they took a slight wrong detour. This was ultimately the deciding moment. The remainder of the race was spent maintaining the gap.

The final leg was a 1km paddle leg and obstacle course. Keyhealth Jabberwock did well to catch up as Nevarest struggled to see the first paddling CP, but fortunately, the lead was big enough and team Keyhealth Nevarest went on to take the win on the final race as well as the series.

Thank you to Jaco who has trained exceptionally hard and raced even harder this season, resulting in this wonderful success. Thank you also to all our sponsors for their unconditional support.

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