Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – A busy race week – Midstram College Life Oreintation

A busy race week…


Trail Adventure Pizza run

This race week started with a speedy 10km night Wednesday night run at the Big Red Barn. On a moonless night the flat winding single trails are always fun especially when you have to hone in on the small circular tunnel of your headlight. Managing to take the win in the cold winters night was a big bonus.


Nissan Trailseeker Buffels drift and SA Marathon Champs

On Saturday it was the second of the Nissan Trailseeker series which was also the South African Marathon Championship. The 70km marathon was the Sub-vet racing category for the SA Champs. I was looking forward to seeing how I would stand against the massive field. Being placed in the B starting batch meant I was racing on time to secure my position.


The start was flat and fast and allowed our batch to find position quite nicely. I found myself sitting at the front of the group with about 5-6 other riders. The first climb was always going to further sort the group out and duly did. I sprung a leak in my front wheel but fortunately, it sealed before the top of the climb. Only three of us survived the climb and we went on racing super hard on the dry, dusty and rocky terrain. Starting the catch the ladies and the A batch men we were really going nicely. Eventually, around halfway one of the three dropped off and we were down to two. Constantly picking off slower riders from the A batch and braving the increasingly technical terrain. Ultimately I managed to finish 23 overall and 8th in the Sub-vet category. It was a great result and well done to Advendurance for putting on a great event.


Trail Adventure Sunday 21km run

As you can imagine racing a 21km the day after racing the SA marathon champs was probably not my smartest move, but I wanted a hard week of racing and that I got. The cool winters morning provided the perfect conditions for a fun trail run. I managed to hold onto a good pace of 4:30 per kilometre and finished 4th overall which considering the week was a great result.


Thanks again to all the sponsors for the opportunity to race and expose their great brands.

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