Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #3

I was looking forward the Warrior race at Tierpoort very much, remembering last year’s event here was full of technical running, tough obstacles and just a long tough day of racing. I was feeling good, amped to race and eager to challenge myself and the competition.

The morning of the race was cloudy and cool perfect for distance running and the course was advertised as about 15 -17km. I warmed up rather early and as I entered the shoot everybody looked a bit tense and I was happy to see so many familiar faces. Warrior Ric sent us off and it was race on.

I usually feel really good and tend to start a bit faster than I should, and 5min in I was in front. The very first obstacle was a very long carry we had to carry two bricks around a 2km loop and at first it didn’t seem too bad, but after about 500m or so you start to get uncomfortable and think of ways to carry the bricks differently, I struggled here a bit and dropped one brick at a stage and lost like 5 places in a blink of an eye. Mentally I was like this is no issue I’ll catch up on the running sections but unfortunately I couldn’t push as hard, plus with all the back to back carries it really messed up my rhythm and slowed my race down.

I did eventually catch up to Thomas van Tonder but I didn’t feel great and had like no motivation to pass him so I just kinda stuck with him for the last few kilometres and would kick closer to the end but unfortunately the race was so short that we didn’t even get to 15km and this was so disappointing, I mean we should race at least 15km if we want to be able to compete against the best at worlds, any how I made up some places here and there and got to the famous breaking point…Here three marshals were having a debate with each other, some athletes didn’t do things correctly and others were allowed to and others were asked to restart the obstacle, so confusing and frustrating, I got through eventually and went straight into the tough truck and trailer not racing for a podium spot just stopped me in my tracks unfortunately, took my time here and lost another position…

Not the result I was racing for and also not a race to remember unfortunately, I did however learn that I need to work on my mental side when things go off the rails completely. I also realized the respect and friendship we as athletes have built over years of racing together, truly a family not bound by blood but bound by sweat and hardship. 

Racing the warrior this year has changed significantly to the previous years, there’s a trend of the races being shortened, carries made heavier and longer and grip strength obstacles being dumbed down, not sure what their goals or strategies are but it sure makes me think that their quality has gone down just a little and that standardization of obstacles and race distance is maybe the way to go, just my two scents….

Thanks to my sponsors for giving me yet another great racing experience, hope to be on better form next time…

#Nevarest team




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