Race Report: Louis Smit – Spartan Trifecta [Kingskloof]

It was an absolutely amazing weekend and the first Spartan Trifecta in South Africa, and I’m happy to say I suffered for most of the racing and loved every moment of grinding up and down those tough climbs, fast descents, long carries and fighting tooth and nail just to be denied the podium every time…

Day 1 Beast and Sprint

A tough day and a few lessons learned in the BEAST, I knew this race was going to be a tough long one and my fear of what was to come got the better of me, but I’m not making any excuses Bradley Claase, Armin Botha and Andrew Leeburn had great performances and deserved to be on the podium, I take my hat off you guys rocked it. I must say as soon as you thought the worst was behind you, you stared up another mountain to climb but in hindsight, this mentally removed some barriers for me personally. I, unfortunately, cruised to a 4th place finish.

The Sprint race the afternoon was non-competitive so Thomas van Tonder, myself, Armin Botha and his girlfriend Zelda Shultz decided to have some fun and I must be honest this definitely helped with recovering the legs a bit for the Super the next day plus having some fun with friends relieved some stress and just made the day so much more positive. This was also one of the highlights of the weekend for me, racing professionally gives us as athletes little opportunity to actually enjoy an event.

Day 2 Super

I just decided that even though I was sore and tired that I would give it my absolute all no matter what, I don’t fear the climbs or the technical downhills or the terrain anymore, just give it all you got and that will be enough. I was lacking a bit of strength and speed because of the previous day and Thomas just blasted us out the water with his pace from the start, Armin also wasn’t making any mistakes, I had a hiccup at Hercules Hoist and that cost me as Bradley and a French athlete made the gap, the chase was on and soon it was a back and forth for 3rd position, I think both me and Bradley were hurting but my quads were first to give in and Brad made the gap right at the end. As I was coming in I saw he missed the spear, I focussed, took my time, deep breath, pulled back and still missed, I guess I need to train this for next time. Another finish in 4th got more work to do!

After the race, we had a goosebumps moment as we welcomed the 5th place French athlete in as he finished and this image is printed in my mind as it brought so much joy and that’s something I will probably think about when remembering the first South African Spartan Trifecta at Kings Kloof…

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